Mental Health

Jigsaw Logo
Image of Jigsaw's work and our team working with them.
Jigsaw Logo
Jigsaw's vision is for an Ireland where every young person’s mental health is valued and supported. By giving families, educators, and those who support young people’s mental health ways to cope and the skills to be there for young people.
Jigsaw is the National Centre for Youth Mental Health in Ireland, offering vital support and advice to young people aged 12-25 years-old through their online platform and 17 services across the country. Their mission is to prioritize youth mental health at both national and local levels, harnessing collective power, knowledge, and expertise. As a team, we are deeply committed to supporting Jigsaw's vision. We believe in the significance of open communication and are dedicated to reducing the stigma surrounding mental health discussions. By rowing across the Atlantic and raising awareness for Jigsaw, we aim to shine a light on the importance of seeking help and support for young minds, empowering them to speak what's truly on their minds.
Logo of MIND USTeam Out of the Blue working together with MIND Us
Logo of MIND US
MIND Us works on the healthy development of young people: to be vulnerable, to grow, to learn and to experience. So that they become more resilient and have control over their mental health.
MIND US is committed to preventing mental health problems and providing support for young people aged 12-27, by reaching them in their own environments, such as schools and neighborhoods. As a team of diverse individuals who have faced similar challenges, we're passionate about supporting MIND Us in inspiring young people to improve their mental resilience. We want to show that despite difficult circumstances, anything is possible. Let's be a voice of action and use our experiences as a platform for change.
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Ocean Health

Reef Support logoTeam Out of the Blue working together with Reef Support
Reef Support logo
The Reef Support Foundation's mission is to accelerate marine conservation efforts by using innovation in the field of Satellite Imagery & AI to guide restoration work.
As part of our mission, our boat will also serve as a 'floating data lab' which will collect surface temperatures, wind speeds and salinity levels during our crossing. The data will be transmitted to Reef Support for over 30+ days to map and validate existing satellite information, supporting the development of their open-source AI tool.
The Ocean Race Learning LogoCollage of work with The Ocean Race
The Ocean Race Learning Logo
The Ocean Race Learning program aims to educate and inspire children about the importance of a healthy ocean and empowering them to make positive changes to support the seas.
As a team, we are passionate about promoting ocean literacy and raising awareness about the importance of marine conservation. We are inspired by the engaging learning programs provided by The Ocean Race, which are suitable for schools, at-home learning, community and youth groups, and sailing clubs. Their programs support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including SDG 14 Life Below Water, which aligns with our goal of mobilizing marine conservation efforts for healthier oceans. We support their efforts to empower children and youth to make changes that support our seas and promote ocean literacy for a healthier planet.
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